Who we support

Individuals and Families

Relocating on your own or with family?  The specialists at New Roots Relocation are here to make your new journey as seamless as possible (then link to page below)

Make your move seamless

Setting up Your New Roots has never been easier.

We understand the importance of making the right choices for you and your family as you set up your new roots. Our specialists have lived aboard and have experienced the challenges of integrating an entire family into new country, city and community. When you trust New Roots with your relocation, we focus on providing you with a personalized experience using our extensive expertise, strategic planning, and precise execution to make your move happen as seamlessly as possible.

Who we support

Corporate Relocations

Our team of Relocation Specialists will manage the relocation lifecycle from pre-decision orientation tours to home finding and settling in services.

Your organizations trusted source

We know the importance of creating a smooth and stress-free transition for your employees both for employee adjustment and satisfaction, but also to increases the chances of assignment success.  We understand relocation policies and offer as much or as little support as necessary, including program administration.  

How does a relocating employee determine the best neighborhoods and housing from afar or find the best schools? How are worries and concerns of the transferees and their families answered? 

New Roots can answer these questions and more.  We know the city and use only vetted realtors, movers, and suppliers to ensure a seamless move. Our team understands how to deliver an unparalleled level of service while also working within your company’s relocation policy and budget. No matter the size and needs of your corporate HR relocation services, our team of relocation and lifestyle consultants can handle every aspect of the preparation and transition for your employee and their family.

A dedicated relocation specialist acts as the employee’s personal guide, sounding board, and expert, providing vetted suppliers and continual support. This allows your employee to focus on their new role knowing their family is being supported in their transition. 

Who we support

Post-Secondary Students

Moving to a new country to study is an exciting opportunity but comes with its own set of challenges. However, we know how to give students a soft landing allowing them to settle in quickly for short- or long-term educational experiences. 

Providing students with a soft landing

Canada has become a hot spot for international post-secondary students, creating a true melting pot of cultures. Many students from around the world are drawn to Canada's fantastic education system, friendly atmosphere, and diverse cultural offerings. With over 900,000 international students studying in Canada, universities and colleges have become vibrant and exciting hubs of cultural exchange.

Your choice to study in Canada is a significant decision, and we are here to support you in navigating the process. From having the right documents, sorting accommodation (on or off campus), getting established, and adapting to new social and cultural environments, the relocation experts at New Roots will handle it all. We provide you with the answers to your most pressing questions so you understand every aspect of your move. We help you create a realistic budget and plan for all the work and study you need to do to succeed. 

Our relocation services for post-secondary students include: 

  • Preparation for travel
  • Cultural training
  • Safety information and training
  • City orientation
  • Language lessons
  • Short and long term off-campus housing
  • Health and other insurance plan options
  • Processing official provincial documentation such as driver’s license and OHIP applications
  • Work options
  • And more