2024 Quebec Statutory Holidays


Susan Hodges

Plan your long weekends in 2024 with this provincial holiday guide!

2024 Statutory Holidays for Quebec

As a newcomer to Quebec, it is important to mark statutory holidays in your calendar – so grab your pen! You and your family or friends can plan days off, get a break from work, and have some down time or possibly plan a long weekend getaway.  


Below is a list of the Quebec statutory holidays for 2024:


New Year’s Day - January 1, 2024

Good Friday - March 29, 2024

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day - June 24, 2024

Canada Day - July 1, 2024

Labour Day - September 2, 2024

Thanksgiving - October 14, 2024

Christmas Day - December 25, 2024


What is a Statutory Holiday anyway?

Statutory holidays are public holidays mandated through legislation from federal, territorial, or provincial governments. On these specific days throughout the year, many employees are legally entitled to a paid day off or increased compensation in exchange for working. The Federal Government of Canada mandates six statutory holidays, meaning that they apply across the country. Every province and territory are also responsible for creating additional statutory holidays as they deem appropriate. For 2024 the province of Quebec has seven statutory holidays and four holidays that are not statutory.


Other Holidays

There are additional days during the year which some employers decide to treat as days off from work. These are not official 2024 statutory holidays, and employers are under no legal obligation to pay their employees if they have the day off.   For example, some employers give their employees Easter Monday off from work in addition to the Good Friday statutory holiday, allowing for an extra-long weekend right around the time the spring thaw really gets going. Below is a list of the four holidays that are not statutory:

Easter Monday - April 1, 2024

Patriot’s Day - May 20, 2024

Truth and Reconciliation - September 30, 2024

Boxing Day - December 26, 2024


September 30 – Saturday: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  First legislated in 2021 by the federal government, this day is meant to recognize the tragic legacy of Canada’s residential school system, and how it continues to harm and affect Indigenous communities today.  While a Federal statutory holiday, it is not currently an official holiday in Quebec although some employers choose to observe it. 

Now that you have a list of Quebec’s statutory holidays for 2024 it’s time to get planning your next long weekend!


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