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New Roots Relocation is a bespoke relocations services company based in Toronto, Canada. We collaborate with every client to simplify their journey from anywhere in the world to Toronto using our experience and expertise.

We're lifestyle and relocation consulting specialists that understand how stressful, scary, and overwhelming setting down new roots can be. We know because we have lived abroad and have experienced all the same emotions, concerns, and worries that you're going through now. 

The team at New Roots Relocation has the knowledge, insider know-how, and extensive local experience to provide you with the personalized and comprehensive support you need as you embark on your new adventure. 

Susan Hodges

Founded by Susan Hodges, New Roots is a destination service provider based in Toronto Canada.

Born in Oakville Ontario, a Toronto suburb, Susan spent 16 years living aboard with her husband and children including Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Netherlands, and Italy. Susan has a keen interest in discovering new cultures and is passionate about helping people on their relocation journey by supporting them as they adapt to their new surroundings, meet new people, and discover Canada.

Susan is a designated CERC Relocation Specialist ™ for employee relocation management.


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