New Roots Relocation makes your move stress free so you can get on with discovering your new community and setting up your new roots.

Pre-departure Services

Get advice before you move to set yourself up for success and avoid moving pitfalls.

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City/Neighbourhood Orientation

City and neighborhood tours offer the highlights so you can get a feel for the city before you begin your new adventure.

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Home Search

Finding the right neighbourhood and home is the top priority for most people that are moving to a new city.  We’ll help you prioritize your needs to find the right place to call home.

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I’m moving, now what?

Many people focus on their actual physical move, sometimes forgetting all the critical departure steps! At New Roots Relocation, we handle everything that happens even before you depart. This begins with a virtual appointment to gather important information about you and your family, your lifestyle, and many important details.  From here we will help with organizing everything from a required documentation list to budgeting for life in Toronto to comprehensive moving checklists. We've thought of every pre-departure moving detail, so you don't have to.  

Our process includes:

  • A virtual meeting to review your requirements, options, and where we provide advice before your pre-move survey
  • We arrange independent pre-move surveys with our vetted moving partners to avoid potential supplier pitfalls 
  • We will present estimates, options and provide feedback and advice to select the best solution
  • You will select the mover that best suits your needs and budget
  • We will provide you with our comprehensive moving checklists and practical advice
  • Provide pet moving information and options

We're right by your side to provide support with managing timelines, documentation information, and customs if necessary – New Roots is with you every step of the way!

Successful relocations are based on informed decisions

The key to any successful relocation is finding the right neighborhood to call home. Our orientation tours are designed to provide an overview of the Toronto area including neighborhoods, schools, health care facilities, as well as shopping, cultural, recreational, and sporting facilities, and other local amenities.  Discussions and options around commuting distances from various neighborhoods will provide you with enough information to make an informed decision. Every tour is curated based on your personal lifestyle preferences and wants. We can set up a tour of Toronto before a job has been accepted, so you can get an up-close and personal sneak peek to ensure that the city meets all expectations.

City tours can include:

  • An overview of the city, the suburbs and towns, with a visit to neighborhoods or locations that may meet your needs
  • Public transportation overview
  • City highlights to see the best of Toronto
  • Visit areas of specific interest based on your/family lifestyle – for example, if you enjoy the outdoors or sports, there are places to see!
  • We can arrange tickets for shows and events
  • Restaurant recommendations and reservations – maybe a local favorite in a neighbourhood under consideration

How to you choose the right neighbourhood and home?

This is where the fun begins. Most clients tell us that finding a home is their priority – and we get it. Finding the right neighborhood and home sets up the future for your family. Your neighbourhood is where you'll find your local coffee shop, playground, dog park, and market and establish roots. After completing a need assessment, we take your budget, must-haves, non-negotiables, and wish list of features for your new home and neighborhood to help you find the perfect place to call home. 

We only work with expert, vetted local realtors to ensure you find an ideal space for you and your family. Then, we create a home search roadmap that factors things like your lifestyle, activities, transportation needs, commute tolerance, and of course, if you are looking for green space, urban living, or both!

From negotiating a lease or making sound buying decisions, we are here to prioritize your needs and handle all the administrative aspects of finding and securing your new home.  We are aware of local real estate customs and pitfalls so we can look out for your best interest.  At New Roots we are here to help you navigate, helping you choose the right new community.

Temporary Housing

We help you secure shorter term accommodation needs in your ideal location with the amenities you need.

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Educational Guidance

For every parent choosing the right school is one of the top relocation priorities – we will guide you every step of the way. 

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Settling-in Services

Settling in is both challenging and exciting.  We are passionate about helping you and your family to find all the right amenities and lifestyle choices in your neighborhood so you can begin your adventure!

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Know your options for the short and medium term

Sometimes, a simple and streamlined relocation solution is best especially if you are relocating for a shorter period of time. We will help you review your short-term rental options and secure your ideal location with all the amenities you need.

When moving, sometimes short- or medium-term accommodations are necessary as often household goods follow by several weeks or months. In these cases, it is essential to arrive at your new destination knowing your short-term accommodation needs have been arranged in your new community.

Our role is to find you appropriate temporary housing with a home-like environment, including furnished accommodation with comfortable floor plans, corporate housing, furnished rental suites, or long-term hotel suites.

Choose the right educational experience for your children.

We understand one of the most important priorities as a parent is choosing the right educational experience for your children whether they are starting daycare of finishing high school.  Selecting the right school in combination with the right neighborhood is of the utmost importance. What you are looking for in a school may impact the housing roadmap we develop for viewings and school tours. Rest assured that our services allow you to feel confident that the educational needs for your children will be met.

Our educational discussions concentrate on:

  • An overview of the public, independent, private, boarding, religious based, and vocational school options
  • Review daycare options including daycare centers, home daycare facilities and nanny services
  • Discuss enrollment, application details and deadlines
  • Provide valuable information to guide you through the registration and application process 
  • Arrange tours if applicable
  • Connect you with vetted educational consultants should you require more in-depth guidance

At New Roots, we understand the importance of the right education. We support you through the entire process! 

Get to know and explore your new city!

Now that you have moved, it's time to settle in and get to know your new city! There can sometimes be a lengthy adjustment period to settle in and feel comfortable and confident.  Once you arrive, there are many details to take care of from getting bank accounts set up and purchasing a mobile phone plan, to finding sports and activities for all your family members. We are here to help, be your sounding board to answer questions, but will also plan and schedule the essentials and provide you with a guide to the city so you can navigate and learn your way faster. 

Service options include:

  • Facilitate government identification and driver's license
  • Overview and navigation of Ontario's health care system (OHIP) and Doctor search
  • Options and recommendations for bank account setup
  • Arrangement and set up of utilities
  • Overview of insurance options for your home (or tenant) and health
  • Mobile phone plans
  • Car lease and purchase information
  • Mortgage services
  • Furniture rental
  • Home safety resources
  • Notary and lawyer referrals
  • Referrals for international and Canadian Accountants

Lifestyle Management options include:

  • Camp, sporting, and local activities for children
  • Newcomer and meet up groups 
  • Childcare and nanny services
  • Places of worship in your area
  • Pet daycare/walking services
  • Language lessons
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Translation services
  • Sports Hobbies
  • Spousal career transition support
  • Expectant parent support
  • Property oversight (including snow removal and garden/lawn care)
  • Home organization
  • Departure services (canceling utilities, breaking a lease, repatriation, etc.)

Ready to find your roots in Toronto? Call the bespoke relocation experts at New Roots Relocation today! 



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