Relocating to Toronto - when is the best time to move your family?

April 5, 2022


When is the best time to move your family?

Relocating to Toronto – when is the best time to move your family?


Relocating is always a journey filled with excitement,stress and many ups and downs.  With thepandemic in the rear-view mirror (let’s hope!) considering a move may be inyour future, but one important factor to consider is your family and thefinding the best time to move.


Our family has moved many times to different countries, andthis was always a challenge for us to work through.  Typically, a new job requires a relativelyquick arrival for the new employee, but what about the rest of the family?  Our family would typically have a familymeeting to discuss the move, giving everyone an opportunity to voice theirconcerns, and to provide options and ideas around when the best time would beto move.  Having school aged children,often our moves happened during school breaks, but ideally when school let outfor the summer months.  However, thisisn’t always possible, and no family likes to be separated for too long.


There will challenges your family will face, and many ofthem aren’t altered by the time of year. From saying good-bye to friends andfamily to meeting new people and settling into school in your newlocation.  But what is the best time orwhat are the best ways to take advantage of the timing?


Moving when school finishes in the summer allows children tosay good-bye at a natural point in the year and gives you an opportunity tovisit some of your favorite restaurants or walk in your local park one moretime.  The summer also gives you time tomove to your new location and settle into your new home and neighbourhoodbefore the start of a new school year.


However, if a move happens at another point in the year, itwill also allow your child to be the “new kid” when they may be the only newkid – this often provides extra attention from their peers as well asteachers.  While this can be stressfuldepending on your child, the extra attention may lead to play dates and ways tobreak into a new social circle.


Having a plan in place to get out and explore will go a longway in keeping your children busy all the while getting to know your newcity.  Toronto has many family outingsthroughout the year from food and cultural festivals to Halloween and holidaymarkets.  Getting out as a family andhaving these shared experiences is helpful to any family transitioning to a newcity.  To learn more about our settlingin services visit https://www.yournewroots.com/services#services-2

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