Things to do Family Day weekend 2024!

April 5, 2022


Susan Hodges

Activity ideas for Family Day 2024 - and a history of why we celebrate it.

Things to do Family Day weekend 2024!

With the Family Day holiday only a week away, newcomers to Canada often ask why we celebrate this holiday in Ontario.  Family Day is a statutory holiday designed to give people time off work to spend with their families, and to promote work-life balance. The date of Family Day varies by province, but in Ontario it is typically observed on the third Monday in February – in 2024 that date is Monday February 19th.

The concept of Family Day was first introduced in the province of Alberta in 1990, thanks to the efforts of the Alberta Federation of Labour. Ontario subsequently followed suit in 2008.  The holiday offers families an opportunity to spend quality time together, engage in fun activities, and create lasting memories. And let’s face it, everyone enjoys a long weekend during the deepest and darkest days of winter!

During Family Day, various events and activities are organized, including outdoor winter sports such as ice skating, skiing, and tobogganing. Many communities also hold festivals, arts and crafts activities, and other family-oriented events. It's a time for families to bond, relax, and enjoy each others company.

For businesses, Family Day is an important opportunity to recognize the value of quality time with loved ones and to encourage employees to prioritize their families. Many businesses and organizations are closed on Family Day, allowing employees to take a break from their regular routines and spend time with their families.

What activities are planned for Family Day 2024?  Consider participating in some of the following outdoor activities:

Tobogganing– see the link for where to go and what to bring along with you!

IceSkating – visit the link for a list of places to ice skate and rent skates across Ontario.  

There will be winter festivals happening this weekend in Cobourg, Tweed and Perth to get out and enjoy the fun!

When you are finished with the cold, consider stopping for a hot chocolate on your way home. If there isn’t much snow (or frigid temperatures where you live), check out this list of 80 things to do for the 2024 Family Day weekend for some indoor activity ideas.

Overall, Family Day has become an important part of Canadian culture, promoting the importance of family and work-life balance. It provides an occasion for families to come together and enjoy each other's company, fostering stronger and healthier family relationships. This holiday serves as a reminder of the significance of spending time with loved ones and creating lasting bonds that extend beyond the workplace.

So get out there, embrace winter and have a fun filled Family Day weekend!

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